Sunday, September 14, 2008


My Aunt Tara tagged me into explaining seven quirks about my self and tagging four other people to do the same thing.

1.  I give people points, I first give points for their features, 2-8 per eyebrow (depending on the thickness), if you are a girl you get 3 points for your top lash and 1 for your bottom lash, for guys I just give one per lash.  Everyone gets four points per eye equaling the perfect number 8.  I guess I keep counting till the person says something interesting.

2.  I have to make everything strait: chairs, forks, pillows, key boards.  If I have the time I will try to make everything in the room perfect, making minuscule adjustments until everything feels balanced and equal.

3.  I have no self-control when it comes to desserts and often make myself sick and grumpy.

4.  I hate a messy butter dish.  It is just as important to clean the butter dish as it is to wipe the counter tops off.

5.  I cover my ears with my hair when I sleep to keep bugs and spiders out.

6.  I can't help but baby talk to my sweet huby Wyan (Alex Butler is totally disgusted by this).

7.  When I jog with someone I have to be on their right side.

Now I will list some of Ryan's quirks....

1.  He tears apart the bed if the tags are not at the correct bottom corner (he swears he can feel the difference when the sheets are sideways or upside-down).  He is known to fix the problem at all hours of the night exclaiming, "No wonder I've been so restless."

2.  He likes very dim lighting, he hates bright lights.

3.  He is extremely particular about his pillow and pillow case.  It was very hard for him to give up is ugly ugly plaid pillow case, we had to make a deal that he could take of the pretty pillow case I got him when he slept.  He hates feather pillows, and takes his temperpedic pillow on all vacations.

4.  He is a musical snob!!!!  He likes what he likes and everything else is crap.

5.  He spends way to much money on sunglasses and watches.

6.  He likes to find snakes and classify them using his "National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Reptiles and Amphibians."  He is super savey

7. He hates things vibrating or making noises when he is driving and makes me hunt for the offending rattling objects.  

 I tag....

Megan Graves, Rachael Watson, Shawndel Graves, and anyone else who reads this (it's really fun, especially when you put your husbands quirks too).

Lawson is walking!  He is so proud of himself.

I Love being a mom!

These boys keep me busy and laughing.