Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's over!

Yeah!! I ran my marathon in 4 hours and 13 mins. Just after the finish line Virginia and I were laying on the grass completely excited about our accomplishment but also in great pain. She leaned over and offered her knuckles. I lightly tapped them with my own as she mentioned some phrase of relief. We then examined our current predicament and she turned to me in serious concern, "But what are we going to do, we can't move." My answer was Ibuprofen. Later, Emily, Virginia, and I took pictures in front of the Finishers backdrop and returned home as marathon runners. I don't think I told them how much that ment to me. It was an empowering experience I would never have attempted without their confidence.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My first blog ever

I love my sister Ashleigh. She set this blog up for me cuz she knew I wouldn't do it myself (or couldn't do it myself). I'm staying with her this weekend due to her close proximity to the Ogden Marathon I somehow got myself into. She just moved and it's been fun seeing her new home and yard. Utah is so lucky. Arizona could never grow the flowers that Ashleigh has.
I took a walk down to the high school track and enjoyed all the vegetation I could not name. I'm excited to see the landscape of the course in Ogden. My friend Emily, who got me into this mess, says it's beautiful. Maybe it will distract me for a few hours of running.
Although this marathon is front most on my mind, it is not the most exciting thing to be happening. Breghten is almost completely potty trained! He loves his big boy underwear and is having very few accidents. I think it was the hardest thing me and Ryan have ever done. We are all lucky to come out of this alive. I'm just so excited to save money on diapers!