Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ryan turned 31!  I tried to make it extra special for him because last year I was gone for his 30th.  We decided to get him a map wheel to help map out his long rides, and made sure he didn't do any work.  We made his favorite cake, German Chocolate; but I think he enjoyed my berry pies the most.  Ryan and I topped off the day with "Star Trek," which would have been more appricated by my dad instead of me.  Mission was accomplished when he told me, "It was a perfect birthday."

This happens every night at the Graves home

Another reason these boys love thier daddy.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My mom made all the boys the cutest puppy dog backpacks ever!  We all went to Joanns and with a little guidance each boy picked out the material for thier puppy's ears.  Ok so Lawson didn't care at all but Breghten picked his favorite color orange.  Lawson did however beg for the Jello pudding that ended up all over his face and clothing.  I'm so glad I got a pic of Breghten and Mason hugging goodbye.  Me and Ashliegh took a pic together too, but it wasn't very good so I will just keep it to myself.  We all can't wait till they come for another visit.

A happy BBQ

I guess a happy BBQ = a happy husband.